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Micro-Proppant Frac Service

Acacia’s proprietary Micro-Proppant Frac methodology increases connectivity, production yield & reserves while reducing consumption of proppant, water, horsepower, and manpower – all at a cost point that delivers greater capital efficiency.

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Frac Service

Magnetic Filtration Services: Safeguarding Equipment and Enhancing Processes


At Acacia Energy Solutions, we offer an advanced solution to address a pervasive challenge in the energy industry — abrasive and reactive contaminants like Iron Sulfide, Iron Oxide, and Silica, commonly known as Black Powder. This contamination, often originating from downhole formations, corrosion, and equipment erosion, poses serious threats to equipment integrity and process efficiency.


The Challenge: Black Powder Contamination

Black Powder is a global issue that degrades product streams, triggers equipment failures, leaks, and increases maintenance costs. Conventional methods struggle to combat this problem effectively.


Our Solution: Advanced Magnetic Filtration

Our magnetic filtration approach stands as the most efficient safeguard against Black Powder contamination. Our magnetic separators are designed to remove sub-micron particulate contaminants as small as 1 micron, preventing equipment damage and process degradation. These separators operate with minimal flow restriction, have no moving parts, and require only periodic cleaning of accumulated contaminants off the magnets.

The Benefits:
  • Effective Contaminant Removal: Turbulent flow generates a static charge on particles, allowing our magnetic separators to capture non-ferrous material that conventional filters can't trap.

  • Diverse Applications: With an 18-year history of success, our magnetic separators have proven their effectiveness across various industry sectors, including natural gas and NGL gathering, refineries, power plants, and more.

  • Reduced Operator Intervention: Unlike traditional filters that require frequent changes, our magnetic separators significantly reduce operator involvement, making them safer and more efficient.

  • Rapid ROI: Despite the initial investment, magnetic separators quickly recoup costs through reduced conventional filter replacement expenses and labor.

  • Enhanced Contaminant Capture: Our technology excels at capturing smaller-size contaminants that conventional filters often miss.


At Acacia Energy Solutions, we empower your operations with magnetic filtration, offering a powerful defense against Black Powder contamination. Elevate equipment reliability, streamline maintenance, and optimize your processes with our innovative solution.

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