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Water Treatment/Processing

Enhance waterfloods and accelerate oil/water separation & recovery using catalytic, non-hazardous Nano-Bubbles & Hydrodynamic Cavitation technology that reduces traditional, chemistry-dependent processing.

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and Processing

Water Treatment/Processing Services: Revolutionizing Water Management with Innovative Technologies

At Acacia Energy Solutions, we redefine water treatment and processing through cutting-edge methods that enhance efficiency, environmental responsibility, and overall results. Our water treatment solutions incorporate catalytic Nano-Bubbles and Hydrodynamic Cavitation technology, designed to optimize various aspects of waterfloods, oil/water separation, and treatment chemistries.

Nano-Bubbles Technology:

  • Achieve >85% gas transfer efficiency through a robust, scalable technology, enabling injection of diverse gas types for process enhancements.

  • Capture additional oil during separation, addressing the losses often incurred by traditional separation methods

  • Reduce OPEX for produced water processing and frac pond aeration, benefiting from the oxidation of H2S and iron, improved flocculation, and efficient solids separation.

  • Enhance well stimulation and waterfloods in mature wells by diminishing fluid surface tension, promoting reservoir skin scouring, and facilitating fluid flow into reservoir channels.

Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technology:

  • Utilize a modular skid to generate thousands of cavitations per second, releasing powerful energy at the molecular level.

  • Adjust technology to induce chemical reactions, disrupt challenging emulsions, and enable quick and cost-effective interactions between fluids, gases, and solids.

  • Efficiently break down tough flow back emulsions into manageable oil/water phases, reducing retention/settling time.

  • Expedite chemical reactions and biocide effectiveness, leading to reduced chemical usage.

  • Accelerate the removal of contaminants by injecting nano-bubbles, streamlining the removal process.

With our permanent, high-molar ratio chemistry and adaptable skid solutions, Acacia Energy Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of H2S treatment options. Elevate your energy production while honoring environmental stewardship with our innovative services.

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