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H2S Treatment

Acacia's H2S solutions for oil, gas, and water integrate patented chemistry to reduce high concentrations to near zero on a cost-efficient basis, without affecting downstream processes or equipment.


Economically and permanently treat sour production to improve safe operations and value of sweetened production, while reducing corrosive stress on equipment and OPEX.

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Contaminant Treatment

H2S Treatment Services: Enhancing Energy Production and Environmental Responsibility


At Acacia Energy Solutions, we specialize in cutting-edge H2S treatment solutions that not only transform the efficiency of energy production but also prioritize the well-being of our environment.

Our differentiators set us apart, ensuring optimal results and sustainable practices:

Key Differentiators:
  • High Molar Ratio: Our unique molar ratio of 20:1 to 40:1 enables us to achieve lower dose rates for economical treatment, particularly in cases of high H2S concentrations.

  • Encapsulated Organic Molecules: Through the use of encapsulated organic molecules, we enable an irreversible and permanent reaction. This means no re-treatment or downstream impact, reducing long-term operational costs.

  • No Fallout or Corrosion: Our solutions are designed to eliminate fallout, corrosion, and scaling issues. This not only lowers treatment expenses but also reduces equipment degradation and maintenance OPEX.

Advantages and Benefits:
  • Safer Operations: By sweetening the production stream, our treatments create a safer operational environment while improving the marketability of your products.

  • Flexible Treatment Solutions: Our modular and scalable treatment skids offer a flexible footprint for effective treatment, ensuring lower operational costs.

  • Comprehensive Range of Solutions:

    • Sacrificial Chemical Solutions for Oil and Water: Reduce high concentrations of H2S to zero, tailored to specific streams.

    • Sacrificial Chemical Solutions for 3 Phase and Gas: Significantly decrease H2S levels by 50% to 80%, resulting in disposable water.

    • Regenerative Solutions for Sour Gas: Achieve zero H2S levels, generating sweet gas and sulfur as output.

  • Modular Scalable Skid Solutions: Designed for permanent or temporary applications, these skids find use in various scenarios, from reducing emissions during flaring to reopening shut-in wells and replacing aged infrastructure.

With our permanent, high-molar ratio chemistry and adaptable skid solutions, Acacia Energy Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of H2S treatment options. Elevate your energy production while honoring environmental stewardship with our innovative services.

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