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Our Partners

Empowering Your Energy Needs through Innovation and Excellence

We work closely with our partners to deliver the best innovative solutions to our customers.  By combining forces, we add value to our customers by providing faster, more productive efforts, greater skills, and more comprehensive solutions

Apollo Logo.png
  • Chemical R&D and Manufacturing Company

  • Patented chemical solutions to eliminate H2S in produced hydrocarbons

  • No off-the-shelf relabeled products

  • Private lab

  • Source and blend all chemistries in house

  • 20:1 and 40:1 molar ratio when dealing with H2S or CO2

  • Industrial biotechnology company, with production capacities

  • Private lab

  • No off-the-shelf re-labeled products

  • Source and blend all chemistries in-house

  • Enhancement of surfactant performance & efficiency including a reduction in interfacial tension

Advanced Bio Cat Logo.png
Advanced Bio Cat Logo.png
Poseidon Deepwater Logo.png
  • Valve and engineered solutions design and manufacturing company

  • Patented Triton Core Technology™

  • Engineering and R&D facility to develop unique valve solutions

  • HPHT applications, low operating torques, warranty, field resettable and repairable, thousands of cycles

Black Powder Soltuion Logo.png
  • Designer and manufacturer of Magnetic Separator Systems

  • Patented technology

  • Inline, full-flow solution for removing Black Powder™ contamination from hydrocarbon fluids and gases, refined products, petrochemicals and water

  • Designer and manufacturer of Magnetic Filtration Systems

  • Patented magnetic filter elements

  • Systems optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements

  • Attracts ferrous wear particles down to 4 microns and below with up to 95+% efficiency

One Eye Logo.png
Moleaer Logo.png
  • Developer of industrial-scale nanobubble technology systems

  • Patented nanobubble pump

  • Improves chemical-free water treatment, sustainable food production, and the recovery of natural resources

Avon Logo.png
  • Designer and manufacturer of hydrodynamic cavitation units to facilitate oil/water separation

  • Patented technology

  • Units can efficiently recover residual crude, break heavy emulsions, and treat water for re-use 

  • Designer and manufacturer of magnetic separation systems specially designed for drilling mud applications

  • Patented technology

  • Inline, full-flow solution for removing Black Powder and other fine-sized particulates to reduce wear on mud pump and drill pipe wear

Clean Mud Logo.png
Thunderbird Logo.jpg
  • 20+ year oilfield services firm, including workover operations, completion operations, production operations, project management, as well as all construction, maintenance and testing capabilities

  • Full range of crew trucks, hydrovac, CTUs, backhoes, bulldozers and adjacent pad & battery construction equipment

  • Expertise delivering production treatment solutions to enhance stripper wells and marginal fields

  • Patented solutions for treating reservoir skin damage and solving CPT – Capillary Phase Trapping: flip wettability to water wet

  • Full service: well & reservoir treatment design; chemistry delivery and injection; post-treatment evaluation

  • Engineering, construction, and project management for oil & gas production facilities

  • Technology development – design & process prototyping and POC

  • Operational support: regulatory reporting & permitting, construction & logistics, decommissioning, inspections & repairs


Evolve is a consulting company specializing in finding and commercializing new technology start-ups in oil and gas and other industrial applications.

Image by Vaishakh pillai

Resurrection Energy is an oil and gas production company specializing in unique technologies, such as the Dar-Stim production enhancement process, to produce more from proven reserves.  Resurrection’s leadership have collectively 250 years of oil and gas experience from land and offshore basins around the world.  

Image by Yana Lysenko
He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.​ - Psalm 1:3
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