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Brooks Graul

Business Development

Brooks Graul is a dynamic professional with a passion for driving innovation and creating value in the energy sector. Currently serving as the Business Development expert at Acacia Energy Solutions since September 2022, Brooks plays a crucial role in propelling the company's mission to bring technology-based solutions to the oil and gas market. Acacia Energy Solutions, founded in 2020, focuses on developing valuable production streams through efficient, safer, and cost-effective H2S/sour mitigation and well stimulation solutions.

Prior to his current roles, Brooks held key positions such as Director of Operations at Soundsupply and Operations at Gearsupply, where he played an integral role in providing comprehensive solutions for buying and selling used live production equipment. His versatile experience extends to the role of VP Business Development at iValve Systems, where he led marketing and sales efforts to expand market share in North America for compact, high-pressure valves and manifolds. His contributions were pivotal in ensuring safer, low-cost valve operations.

With a career that spans diverse roles at Liquidity Services, including VP Business Development and Director of Pipe Sales & Special Projects, Brooks successfully managed global sales for the Energy sector, amounting to over $500 million in surplus, distressed, or insolvent asset sales. His strategic insights and leadership played a significant role in developing turnkey and liquidation sales strategies.

Brooks Graul's journey in the industry reflects his commitment to delivering solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and create sustainable value in the energy sector.

Brooks Graul
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