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Well Stimulation Solutions

Increase production revenue from new or declining wells through cleaner, more efficient technologies that enhance penetration, connectivity, and recovery  - without the expensive risks and resources of traditional stimulation programs. 

  • Micro-Proppant Stimulation: Produce beyond traditional thresholds with better operating margins by opening micro-fissures that extend reservoir connectivity using organic micro-proppants pumped at lower rates, without gels, and reduced OPEX.


  • NanoSLICK: Enhance flowback of frac fluids, oil, and gas by reducing capillary pressure through innovative reservoir skin enhancements: adding slick silica layers and removing  oil, paraffin, asphaltenes and other skin-damaging compounds.


  • Nano-Bubbles: Enhance waterfloods, oil/water separation, water treatment, and treatment chemistries through catalytic Nano-Bubbles that reduce corrosive compounds, equipment degradation, health risks, and OPEX.


  • Smart Green Chemistries: Increase performance, conductivity, and project economics through plant-based biopolymers for completions, production, and solids control, which are safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective than traditional chemistries.

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