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Case Study: Apcotane - A Revolutionary Solution for H2S Mitigation in the Permian Basin

An oil producer operating in the Permian Basin, faced a critical challenge with high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) threatening to shut down their wells.

Client Background:

Acacia Energy Solutions was approached by an oil producer operating in the Permian Basin facing a critical challenge. The client's production wells were experiencing dangerously high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), with levels exceeding 100,000 ppm.

Such high H2S concentrations posed a severe threat to well operations, potentially leading to production shut-ins. H2S is a toxic and flammable gas, and its presence presented significant health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks. The client had over 3,500 barrels per day of H2S-laden oil, and traditional mitigation methods were ineffective or uneconomical.

The need of the hour was a reliable and economically viable solution that would allow sustained production while ensuring safety and compliance.

The Solution: Apcotane by Acacia Energy Solutions

Acacia Energy Solutions offered their cutting-edge H2S mitigation product, Apcotane (patent pending), which was specifically designed to tackle high H2S levels in oil and gas production. Apcotane had unique properties that set it apart from other conventional solutions.

It was bi-soluble, non-corrosive, and irreversible once applied to the oil. This meant that Apcotane could achieve zero ppm of H2S in the treated oil with just one application, eliminating the need for multiple treatments as required by other products.

Application Process:

Acacia Energy Solutions developed a specialized process for applying Apcotane to the client's production wells. The team opted for a batch treatment application, which allowed for maximum mixing and residence time. This process ensured optimal conditions for Apcotane to efficiently react and mitigate high H2S levels.

The success of Apcotane in achieving zero ppm H2S astonished the client, and the company was impressed with Acacia's ability to utilize existing equipment for the treatment process.

Economical and Efficient:

One of the most significant advantages of Apcotane was its cost-effectiveness. The irreversible reaction of Apcotane with H2S in the oil meant that the client only needed a single treatment. This eliminated the need for continuous or multiple treatments, which could be costly and time-consuming.

The ability to evaluate well production based on volume rather than ppm of H2S allowed the client to optimize production and plan their operations more effectively.

Transforming H2S Mitigation in the Permian Basin: Acacia Energy Solutions' Apcotane brought about a transformative change for the client in several areas:

  1. Treatment: The client could now treat their high H2S oil once with Apcotane, ensuring that H2S would not reappear, and production could be sustained without interruptions.

  2. Transportation: Apcotane's ability to remove H2S from the oil significantly enhanced safety during loading, unloading, and transportation. The client no longer had to deal with the liability associated with transporting H2S-laden oil to distant locations.

  3. Handling: The use of Apcotane reduced the risk of equipment and personnel being exposed to toxic H2S, ensuring a safer working environment.

Revolutionizing the Industry:

Apcotane's groundbreaking properties in H2S mitigation were a game-changer for the oil and gas industry. Its irreversible reaction and absence of by-products set a new standard for H2S treatment, providing a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective solution.

The client's success story in the Permian Basin demonstrated the transformative potential of Apcotane in safeguarding well operations and financial stability.


Acacia Energy Solutions' Apcotane proved to be the answer to the client's critical H2S mitigation challenge in the Permian Basin. By utilizing this revolutionary product, the client could achieve zero ppm H2S in their treated oil, allowing sustained production while minimizing risks and improving their bottom line.

Apcotane's unique properties and innovative batch treatment approach showcased the company's commitment to operational excellence, differentiated technology, and is easy to work with, aligning perfectly with Acacia Energy Solutions' core values.


Acacia partners with Energy clients to achieve their commercial, operational, and ESG goals through integrated solutions that increase production yields and resource efficiency.

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