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Case Study: Apcotane™ Enables Cost-Effective H2S Treatment and Pipeline Specification Approval in TX

Oil producer operating in South Texas, facing a significant challenge with high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels in their sour oil production.

Client Background:

Acacia Energy Solutions was approached by an oil producer operating in South Texas, facing a significant challenge with high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels in their sour oil production. H2S is naturally produced from the Eagle Ford Shale Formation, and at this particular site, H2S levels ranged from a few ppm up to 50,000 ppm in the vapor space.

Reducing H2S to below pipeline gas specifications, typically less than 10 ppm, was crucial to maintain the product's value and ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

The Solution: Apcotane™ by Acacia Energy Solutions

Acacia Energy Solutions recommended their advanced H2S mitigation product, Apcotane™, to improve the H2S treatment efficiency while increasing the per barrel price of the oil. Apcotane™ is a bi-soluble, non-corrosive, and irreversible product formulated to eliminate potential calcium carbonate scale precipitation, a common issue with triazine products.

The operator was producing around 200 barrels of oil per day, and Apollo provided direct injection of Apcotane™ using existing pumps on-site, eliminating the need for significant capital expenditures.

Treatment and Results:

Previously, the operator had used a triazine product to reduce H2S levels from 15,000-20,000 ppm down to around 300 ppm. This level was not sufficient for pipeline specification, but it allowed them to truck the oil. Apollo conducted a comparison using the same dosage rate of Apcotane™, and after a long residence time, they thieved the tank 24 hours after implementation. The result was astonishing - the oil contained zero H2S, indicating successful treatment.

Following this success, the operator asked Apollo to check the tank after six hours with only about 80 barrels of oil present. Yet again, Apcotane™ proved its efficacy by totally eliminating H2S. Encouraged by these outstanding results, the operator further reduced Apcotane™ dosage to 0.05% of the solution (approximately 4 gallons per 200 barrels), and once again, after six hours, the tank showed zero H2S presence.

Impact on Production and Bottom-Line:

With Apcotane™, Acacia Energy Solutions successfully eliminated H2S in the sour oil to meet pipeline specifications. This opened up new opportunities for the operator as they could now sell the treated oil through pipelines, reducing transportation costs, and increasing the realized price per barrel. Additionally, the implementation of Apcotane™ without the need for significant capital expenditure proved highly advantageous for the producer when dealing with sour oil.


Acacia Energy Solutions' Apcotane™ proved to be the superior H2S mitigation product, surpassing the results achieved with conventional triazine products. By eliminating H2S and allowing pipeline specification approval, Apcotane™ transformed the bottom-line for the operator in South Texas.

The success of Apcotane™ not only enhanced the overall safety and integrity of the company's assets but also showcased Acacia Energy Solutions' commitment to providing cost-effective and innovative solutions for the energy industry, particularly when dealing with sour oil.


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