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Case Study: Apcotane Enables Pipeline Specification Approval by Eliminating H2S in Sour Oil

The client's sour oil contained high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ranging from a few ppm up to a staggering 50,000 ppm

Client Background:

Acacia Energy Solutions was approached by an oil producer operating in the Bakken Formation in North Dakota, facing a significant challenge. The client's sour oil contained high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ranging from a few ppm up to a staggering 50,000 ppm.

To comply with pipeline gas specifications, H2S levels needed to be reduced to less than 5 ppm. High H2S content not only reduced the value of the oil but also posed serious environmental and safety risks while increasing the chance of corrosion. The client desired to economically treat the sour oil and sought a cost-effective solution that would meet pipeline specifications and improve their overall bottom-line.

The Solution: Apcotane by Acacia Energy Solutions

Acacia Energy Solutions recommended their proprietary H2S mitigation product, Apcotane, formulated to efficiently eliminate H2S in sour crude oil. Apcotane's unique properties set it apart from traditional triazine-based products.

It was bi-soluble, non-corrosive, and irreversible, ensuring that it did not cause calcium carbonate scale precipitation, a common issue with other products. Apcotane's targeted, direct injection and implementation of robust monitoring and optimization program made it an ideal choice for this challenging H2S treatment.

Treatment and Results:

Apollo, the oil producer, opted to apply Apcotane in two different applications to verify the most cost-effective method. Initially, Apcotane was injected at the well-head transfer location into the Midstream company's truck, allowing for efficient mixing during transportation. With this method, the client was able to reduce H2S levels from 40,000 ppm to zero within just 30 minutes of residence time.

After seeing positive results, the producer decided to batch treat the oil in tanks. This approach increased the residence time and optimized mixing, allowing the dosage of Apcotane to be cut in half while still achieving the desired H2S elimination. The batch treatment process proved successful, enabling the treatment of 1,000-3,500 barrels per day over a period of one year.

Pipeline Specification Approval and Winter Performance:

One of the significant achievements of using Apcotane was obtaining approval from Enbridge pipeline for the treated oil. The client's oil, after being treated with Apcotane, met pipeline gas specifications, allowing them to access better markets and enhance profitability.

To ensure the product's effectiveness during harsh winter conditions in North Dakota, extra attention was given to verify Apcotane's performance at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Apcotane demonstrated exceptional efficiency even in such extreme cold, further reinforcing its suitability for the client's operations.

Transformation of Bottom-Line and Sustainability:

By successfully treating the sour oil with Apcotane, the client achieved significant results:

  1. Elimination of H2S: Apcotane's efficient and irreversible reaction eliminated H2S, reducing safety and environmental risks while improving production efficiency.

  2. Pipeline Approval: The treated oil met pipeline specifications, allowing the client access to better markets and increasing their profitability.

  3. Winter Performance: Apcotane's reliability during harsh winter conditions ensured continuous operation and enhanced sustainability.


Acacia Energy Solutions' Apcotane provided the ideal solution for the client's challenge of H2S treatment in sour oil. The unique properties of Apcotane, including its bi-solubility, non-corrosiveness, and irreversibility, transformed the bottom-line for the oil producer. By eliminating H2S and meeting pipeline specifications, Apcotane improved production efficiency, reduced environmental and safety risks, and opened new market opportunities for the client.

The successful application of Apcotane exemplified Acacia Energy Solutions' commitment to providing cutting-edge and effective solutions for the energy industry.


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