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West Texas Operator Reducing H2S to 0%.

Client Value: Enable continued production, safer transport, and sale of sweetened oil by reducing H2S to 0%.

Technical & Commercial Challenge:

West Texas Operator was producing 3,500 BBL/day of oil with H2S of 8,000 – 125,000 PPM In the vapor space. The oil was loaded onto tank trailers and transported to South Texas for processing, creating additional exposure and hauling liabilities.

The client tried MEA-Triazine to treat H2S but was unsuccessful, even at lower PPM. These hazards and the inability to treat or blend the oil escalated plans to shut-in the production and lose revenue.

Acacia Solution:

At the client’s tank battery, Apcotane was applied to oil stored in tanks to increase retention and contact time. This extended contact time enabled reduced the dose amount to treat to 0%: within 8 hours, the H2S was reduced from 125,000 PPM to 0 PPM.

Treatment enhanced safety and improved well economics by enabling continued production, transport, and sale of sweetened oil.


Acacia partners with Energy clients to achieve their commercial, operational, and ESG goals through integrated solutions that increase production yields and resource efficiency.

We believe in three key pillars of Customer Value:

Operational Excellence | Differentiated Technology | Easy to Work With

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