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Enable the sale of sweetened natural gas and oil by reducing H2S.

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Client Value: Enable the sale of sweetened natural gas and oil by reducing H2S.

Technical & Commercial Challenge:

West Texas Operator wasn’t efficiently treating H2S in the comingled stream of oil and gas, prohibiting them from selling the associated gas. Production daily averages are 10,000 bbl/day of Oil and 12 MMscfd Natural Gas after a water knockout. The gas stream generally averages around 6.5% of H2S.

Acacia Solution:

The Vap-X 3 Phase solution applied treatment chemistry to the pipeline stream via a single injection skid, which resulted in reducing H2S below 2% to meet pipeline specifications. This is equivalent to 45,000 lbs of sulfur mitigated per day.

Apcotane was injected into the pipeline after separation to treat the oil stream further to reduce H2S to 0% (zero ppm) of H2S.

This results in potential increases in the price per barrel while also eliminating scale. It also enhanced safety and improved well economics by enabling continued production, transport, and sale of sweetened gas and oil.


Acacia partners with Energy clients to achieve their commercial, operational, and ESG goals through integrated solutions that increase production yields and resource efficiency.

We believe in three key pillars of Customer Value:

Operational Excellence | Differentiated Technology | Easy to Work With

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